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Our eco-village community is involved in a number of projects, such as for:

  • Cattle breeding and raising
  • Nursery and tree propogation
  • Permaculture Course
  • Orchard
  • Community meetings
  • Weed and pest control
  • Maintenance of community roads and buildings
  • Finance and administration

Each Eco-village member contributes to projects through a system called community hours.

Community Hours

Eco-village members contribute to these projects through a system called Community Hours. Under this system village members contribute time to community projects and record the number of hours spent and the projects which were worked on. This provides information to allow individuals to track their work patterns and to allow the community to see where energy is focused. All eco-village land owners are normally expected to contribute community hours. The community hours requirement is set every year according to need.

Grazing Project

Approximately 29 ha (72 acres) of the shared land is pasture. To manage our pasture land and to be self-sufficient in beef this land is grazed. The the yearly sale of cattle usually contributes some money toward maintaining the road and paying other community bills. The pasture is annually sprayed with bio-dynamic fish fertiliser and 'preparation 500'.

Tree Planting

A principal aim of our Eco-Village is to repair the deforested and eroded areas of the farmland we inhabit. An important part of this is tree planting. With all the land area available to us this could involve some hundred thousand trees. Every year a great number of trees are planted, mainly natives. Many of these are propagated in our own nursery.